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Top Tips for Moving Home

March 5, 2018


Before moving home, there are a lot of often time-consuming tasks to be carried out. Cleaning your entire home, changing your address on important documents and hiring reliable van hire are just a few of them.

In the latest blog post from Sky Van Hire, we take a look at top tips for packing your belongings when moving home, helping to make the process as smooth as possible.

Packing Your Belongings

Cardboard boxes can often be obtained free of charge from local shops or pharmacies, but you may want to enquire when their deliveries occur to make the most of this service. Try to get a wide range of box sizes to accommodate fragile or oddly shaped items. To keep your items secure for the journey, use old rags or newspaper to fill any gaps in the boxes.

Alongside cardboard boxes, be sure to make the most of any plastic storage containers you already have in your home. Many people often forget that decorational baskets or buckets may also be used to pack suitable items such as household products or toiletries.

Another top packing tip is to keep your clothes on their hangers and fold them into bin bags. This will make them much easier to unpack at your new location and avoid the need for extra storage space just for your for hangers.

What Should I Pack First?

Begin packing up the contents of your home by starting with the rooms that you use the least, and always remember to check the loft. It is unlikely you will need any items from the rooms you use least before your move and they will be one less thing to think of as moving day approaches. Seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, summer clothes (if you move during winter) and holiday wear are all great examples of items that can be packed in the first instance.

Top Tips

Prepare yourself a box of essentials, ensuring that you won’t need to unpack anything that has already been stored away.

Label all boxes according to the room they should be placed in.

When loading your van, be sure to place heavy items on the bottom and distribute weight evenly along the van floor.

Limit the weight of each box to around 30 pounds, helping you to avoid injury as you load and unload.

Pack one room at a time, helping you to limit any clutter to one area.

Sky Van Hire

Here at Sky Van Hire, we have been providing reliable and competitively priced van hire for many years. If you are moving home and would like to take advantage of our trusted van rental service, contact us today on 0208 550 8800 or fill out our online contact form.