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Summer Driving Tips

August 2, 2018

Driving in the winter can be dangerous for a wide variety of reasons. However, there are several safety tips you should also take heed of when driving in the summer.

For today’s blog post, Sky Van Hire discusses summer safety tips, helping to keep you comfortable when driving in the summer heat.


One obvious difference between driving in the summer and winter is the heat. Heat can cause a vehicle to be uncomfortable to drive in and consequently cause a lack of concentration. If your vehicle has been left out in the sun, let the stale air out by opening the windows fully, before you set off. After a short period of time, close the windows and turn on your air conditioning. Leaving in plenty of time to carry out this process will ensure that your vehicle is cool enough to sit in whilst you drive and means you do not become distracted by the heat.

Car Fluids

Your car engine will become hot over time, no matter the weather, but especially so in the summer. Before setting off, make sure your engine coolant is topped up and no lower than the minimum mark. If you are stuck in standstill traffic, remember to turn your engine off in order to save fuel.


Driving in low sun can make the road in front extremely difficult to see. To help maximize your visibility, always ensure that your window screen is clean, and, if you find it helpful, use your visor and/or sunglasses.

Other Drivers

Although you cannot control the actions of other drivers, your reactions and knowledge will help to keep you safe on the road.

It’s not only cars and vans that use public roads, and in the summer months, you may spot many more tractors, caravans and horse carriages. It’s important to understand the safest ways to overtake these modes of transport. You may also find it helpful to know the maximum speed other road users are able to go, before you begin travelling towards them at speed.

Sky Van Hire

If you need to hire a van this summer, be sure to make yourself fully comfortable before setting off, and take some time to ensure you know where all the controls are in the van.

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