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What Size Van Do I Need?

December 4, 2018

Moving home is the most common reason that individuals hire a van, however, many people find it a struggle to decide on what size van they need for the job. In the latest post from Sky Van Hire, we provide top tips for choosing your van.

Many people overestimate the amount of room they need to move all of their belongings, but as long as you secure your goods in place, they will still be transported safely, no matter what size of van you hire.

When hiring your van, you may find it helpful to create a list of your goods and, particularly the large items, such as beds, sofas, white goods and the number of these. With this information in mind, your van hire specialists should be able to provide you with a suitable vehicle.

In addition to the goods that the van will hold, you may want to consider where you will park the van once you arrive at your destination and ease of access – remember that some roads or country villages have very restricted access to large goods vehicles.

Although there are various types of van available, the four most common are arguably the general small van, short wheel based van, long wheel based van and the Luton Body with tail lift.

Long Wheel Base Van

A long wheelbase van is often the choice for moving one or two people from a flat with a small amount of furniture and white goods.

Luton Van

The Luton body van with tail lift is arguably the most popular van used by those moving home. Dimensions of this style of van may vary, some Luton vans can comfortably carry the belongings of a two bedroom flat or small house. Larger models can carry the load of a three bedroom house consisting of approximately 30-40 boxes, three to four beds, two to three sofas, a dining table and chairs, two double and two single wardrobes and all kitchen appliances.

If you are moving from a five-bedroom house, you may need to consider hiring an extra vehicle or be prepared to multiple trips.

Sky Van Hire

Here at Sky Van Hire, we have been providing a reliable van hire service for many years. We have a wide range of van available, helping you get on your way, quickly and efficiently.

To speak to a member of our team about your requirements, please call 0208 550 8800 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.