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Loading Your Van Effectively

March 11, 2019

If you’ve hired a van, the chances are that you have a large number of goods to transport from one place to another, or at least a couple of very heavy or large items. Here at Sky Van Hire, we have a wide variety of vans available for hire and in our latest post, we discuss top tips for packing your van most effectively in order to improve safety and reduce the number of trips required.

Start loading your van with the heaviest items first, ensuring you place them near to the cabin of the van and that their weight is evenly distributed across the space. Be sure to keep the items in their upright positions and where necessary, use furniture padding to prevent damage.

When moving home, you’re likely to have goods of various weights shapes and sizes. Once you have loaded your heaviest items, take a look at the longest items you own, such as mirrors, tables and mattresses. These items should be placed against the longest sides of your van, meaning they won’t take up valuable floor space or have other items resting on them throughout the journey.

If you are taking any carpet or large rugs from your home, you can place long items such as bed poles and skis inside the roll of the carpet to save space and keep the items safe.

Now you have successfully loaded your heaviest and longest items, it’s time to move onto boxes. Just as before, you should always load your heaviest boxes first. When loading boxes, remember to use the space beneath chairs and small tables that can’t be dismantled. This space often gets overlooked, but could mean the difference between taking one or two trips.

Now onto your lighter and fragile items. It is important that lighter boxes always go on top of other items to avoid them being crushed or damaged. If you have multiple boxes, consider stacking them until they reach close to the ceiling of the van and then fill this space with crushable items such as bags full of clothes, bedding and linens. The penultimate items to add would be those that are of an awkward shape – you’ll usually be able to find secure gaps to place these items when everything else is loaded.

Lastly, you’ll want to fill any gaps with bags filled with linens which can be crushed without any damage, You can also use these bags to protect and secure fragile items.

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