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Driving in the Countryside

October 3, 2018

If you’re used to driving in the city, you may find yourself a little surprised by the differences that driving in the countryside can bring. In the latest post by Sky Van Hire, we discuss our top tips for driving in the countryside, helping you get from A to B safely.

Statistics show that there are far more collisions on rural roads than urban ones. In fact, 72% of all road deaths occur on country roads so understanding how these roads differ from your typical urban territory can help you drive more safely.

Bends in the Road

Your average country road is often a lot narrower and curvier than the city streets, meaning you can’t often see around sharp corners. Be sure to keep your speed low when driving around these bends as there is every chance a slow-moving vehicle, such as a tractor, a pedestrian or a cyclist could be round the other side.

Your stopping distance is also increasingly important in the countryside as you may find yourself driving over various terrains that could require a larger stopping distance between you and the vehicle in front.

Cattle Grids

Something you come across in a city, but will most likely encounter in the countryside are cattle grids. These systems are designed to keep cattle from escaping and usually appear as a rectangle hole in the ground with metal bars over the top. The structure can handle the weight of a car and is safe to drive over, but you will find it rather bumpy. Be sure to slow down when driving over a cattle grid and keep your eye out for any nearby animals.


Remember that the chances of running into larger animals such as deer or farmyard animals are much higher in the countryside. Most traffic accidents involving deer occur in May, October and November and often most common at sunrise or between sunset and midnight. When you see a sign alerting you to the presence of deer, be sure to stay vigilant and use your full beam when it will not dazzle other drivers. Should a deer step out in front of you, it is often best to switch off your full beams to avoid it stopping in your path.

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