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Driving at Dusk

September 28, 2018

Whatever time of day you are driving, you always need to concentrate on the road and be fully alert. There are obvious hazards to driving in the day and at night – during the day, we may be blinded by the sun and driving in the dark can impair our visibility, even when we have our headlights on full beam. However, there are also things we need to be aware of when driving at dusk. For today’s post, we discuss our top tips for driving at this time of day, helping to keep you safe and on road.


Driving at dusk can be dangerous because the light changes so quickly. Between a few minutes you could be driving in low sun, protecting your eyes with your sunglasses, and the next moment, the sun has gone down and you require your headlights to see.

When driving at dusk, it is highly important to remain aware of the changing light conditions. If you’re driving at a time of day where the light changes quickly, try steering clear of using sunglasses and instead use your visor to protect your eyes, remembering to lift it back up as soon as you are out of the glare of the sun.


In addition to remaining alert to the rapidly changing conditions, keeping your car window screen clean can make a significant difference to your visibility. Additionally, keeping the window screen and mirrors of your car clean can help to prevent glare.

One major hazard of driving in the dark is dazzle caused by full beam headlights. One way you can help other drivers on the road is by ensuring you keep your headlights dipped as you meet other cars on the road.

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