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The Difference Between a Short and Long Wheel Base

April 10, 2018

There are various phrases that come along with the van industry and in the latest blog post from Sky Van Hire, we take a look at two of the common phrases you may hear and what they mean.

Long Wheel Base

It is a common misconception that the wheel base refers to the length of the vehicle, however, this is not true. The wheel base is the distance between the centre point of the front wheels and the centre point of the back wheels.

Both types of wheel base have their own benefits, however, a long wheel base van will benefit from the following:

Smooth Drive

Due to the wheels being further apart, there will be a greater time in between the back and the front wheels going over bumps in the road.

More Space

It goes without saying that vans with a longer wheel base will have more space to store items such as bikes and climbing equipment etc. For this reason, long wheel based vans are popular choices when moving home or transporting large goods.


Although both vans are a sturdy option, some may feel that a long wheel based van is more stable due to its larger footprint on the road. Furthermore, due to the size of the van, it will feel less “sporty” meaning you may use a lighter foot, leading to increased fuel efficiency.

Short Wheel Base

Easier to Manoeuvre

Shorter wheel based vans feel sportier to drive than their long wheel based counterparts and can be easier to manoeuvre down narrow streets and less likely to get stuck on rocky terrain.

Better Turning Circle

Due to the shorter wheel base and overall length of the vehicle, SWB vans have a better turning circle, making them a great option for a lot of residential or inner city driving.

Overall, both vans have their advantages and the type of van you hire will be dependent on the reason you require it.

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