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Could Your Business Benefit from Van Hire?

October 11, 2019

If you run a small business that requires the use of vans to carry out your tasks effectively, there are various options available to you.

You could, of course, invest in your own fleet of vehicles, but this would mean that you will also need to cover all costs that come with the maintenance of the vehicles. Additionally, the responsibility of selling or disposing of the vehicles will be yours.

Due to the high cost of new vehicles, many SME’s will make use of used vehicles to keep the buying cost down. Older vehicles, however, are more likely to suffer faults, causing downtime whilst they get repaired. In fact, research conducted by the RAC Business states that having vehicles off the road is costing SME’s around £500.

Did you know that tyre problems are to blame for 21% of breakdowns? It is not just the regular servicing, MOT’s and insurance costs that the owner of a fleet will have to handle, they will also be required to manage ongoing incurred charges.

Van Hire

One of the many great advantages of van hire is that it can be as flexible as you require it to be. You will have a great deal of choice available to you, and can change the size of your van to suit what you require it for from one week to the next.

What’s more, when you hire a van, you can be certain that it has undergone regular checks to ensure it is safe to be on the road. With this option, all maintenance costs will be the responsibility of the van hire company, giving you peace of mind that you will never incur any unexpected costs due to vehicle failure.

Sky Van Hire

Here at Sky Van Hire, we have been providing reliable van hire for individuals and businesses for many years. We also provide optional extras such as European insurance cover to suit the type of hire you need.

For more information on our van hire services, please call today on 0208 550 8800. To send your enquiry through our website, please head to our contact form.