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Advantages of a Luton Body Van With Tail Lift

August 20, 2019

Luton body vans with a tail lift are ideal when moving home or needing to carry large amounts of goods. There are various advantages to our Luton body vans and this latest post delves into them further, giving you an overview of the many features this van comes with.

Mechanised Tail Lift

Whilst there are various large vans on the market, the tail lift on the Luton body van is a very clear advantage, making light work of heavy goods. The tail lift can sometimes mean the difference between hiring a team of removal experts, just one or two or managing the job yourself. The tail lift will ease your goods in and out of the van, making accidents less likely to happen.

The Cabin

Did you know, the term “Luton”, with regard to vans, refers to the enclosed box space which is extended over the cabin? All Luton vans will feature this unique box space and years ago, this space was designed to carry high volumes of low-density loads. Luton vans were predominantly used to carry high loads of straw hats, which formed a central part of Luton’s local industry.

The cabin allows you to separate goods from the rest of the van and fit more items in than a traditional van with just one main compartment.

The Size

Luton body vans are often used when moving home, due to their large size, and it is the size of the Luton Van that is another great advantage. Using the Luton body van with a tail lift will mean fewer trips between premises, less time on the roads and more time to unpack and get on with other jobs.

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